Seeing things in the mind's eyes is imagination.
It's imagination that makes the heart sing.
It's imagination that takes you to your dreams.

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"Loris' uniquely energetic and interactive performance - enhanced entirely and completely with the lovely smile and the pure joy exuded by a storyteller who loves her craft as much as she loves her audience. Loris could peel away the layers of this wonderful classic and expose the back story and plight with literary precision. The true beauty of a Classics Alive performance lies in Loris' authentic love of children. She possesses the genuine ability to align herself with the excitement and joy of her young audience as she brings them along on a most amazing literary journey. Children – even those who are unfamiliar with the art of reading, who are given the wonderful gift of a Classics Alive performance after their experience, will undoubtedly seek out other stories."
~ Leslie Bowering, Director of Leslie Bowering's Academic Skill*building Shop

"Very reasonable cost for such a high-quality, long and entertaining program. It was evident that Ms. Burbine not only has had an acting background, she also has talent and has put long hours into rehearsal." ~ Second Grade Teacher
"Her interpretation and presentation helped me make sense of a book not previously understood or appreciated."
~ Third Grade Teacher

"Loris Burbine is a storyteller with an enthusiastic and pleasing style. Having a teaching background, she has developed an excellent rapport with children, as well as the ability to capture their attention and to transport them into realms of fantasy and adventure. Of course, I speak as an adult who was also transported."
~ Elementary Media Supervisor

"Brilliantly executed, dynamic, spell-binding! Definitely recommended for all ages."
~ Title 1 Teacher

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